10 Airplane History Facts You Should Know

10 Airplane History Facts You Should Know

Flying in an airplane is interesting for many of us. In fact, this invention makes your travel easier. Travelling to long distances even to different continents within a day became possible after the invention of airplanes. The planes of today have changed a lot from the first plane invented by the Wright Brothers. Let us check some of the interesting airplane history facts that you should know.

Specially Designed To Withstand Lightning Strikes

The chances of lightning hitting are high for planes when they fly high. Lightning strikes aircraft many times each year. However, with the advancement engineering technology, airplanes are designed to overcome the effects of such lightning. The electric charge the bolt of a lightning runs through the aircraft and out of it. So, it causes less damage to it.

10 Airplane History Facts You Should Know

10 Airplane History Facts You Should Know

All Airplanes Seats Are Equal And No Safe Seat In It

When it comes to the seats of airplanes, all of them are equal and there are not special safe seats in it. During a plane crash, it is difficult to predict which seats are safe and which are not to survive the crash. But the happy news is that plane crashes are relatively very less.

Secret Bedrooms In Planes For Flight Crew – Airplane History Facts

Some huge and long-haul flights like the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner have special secret rooms for their flight crew. During long journeys, they need to work around 16 hours in a day. So, they can use these rooms to take some rest. They can access these bedrooms through a hidden staircase. These rooms are equipped with 6-10 beds, a bathroom and some entertainment options.

There Are Planes That Can Fly For More Than Five Hours Even If One Their Engines Not Working

Unlike road or train accidents, plane crashes are very rare. It is interesting to know that planes can remain operational and safe even if one of their engines not working. Some air crafts can fly for about five hours or even more after their engines goes out. That means, you can fly safe even on one engine.

10 Airplane History Facts You Should Know
10 Airplane History Facts You Should Know

The Tires Of Airplanes Are Unique Design That Do Not Pop On Landing

Airplane’s tires can withstand huge weight loads. And they can land the ground at high speed. In addition, airplane tires are inflated to around 200 psi. That means the pressure in the tire of a plane is nearly six times more than the psi of a car tire.

Cabin Crew Dims Light At The Time Of Landing

You might several times notice that cabin crew dims the interior lights of an airplane during night when it is landing. They are doing so because if any bad landing happens and passenger’s eyes will get adjusted to the darkness if they need to get evacuated.

Airplanes Have Tiny Holes In The Windows – Airplane History Facts

Airplanes are mostly made up of three panels of acrylic. The exterior window of it keeps all the elements out. It also maintains the pressure inside the cabin. The tiny hole in the interior window is for regulating the cabin pressure.

Airplane Food Not Always Taste Good

Many passengers used to complain about the bad taste of airplane food. But the fault is not completely with airplane. But the environment inside the plane alters the quality of the food and drinks. So, sweet dishes taste less sweet and salty items taste more salty.

Pilots Fall Asleep Frequently While On The Job – Airplane History Facts

Many people believe that pilots are controlling a plane. In fact, no one is flying the plane. At least portion of the flight is not controlling by the pilot. Besides, most pilots falls asleep while they controlling the plane.

Black Boxes Of Airplanes Are Not Actually Black In Color

The Flight Data Recorder, popularly known as the black box, is not black in color. It is painted actually in bright orange color. The exterior of the box is coated with a heat-resistant paint that usually comes in orange color. So, it can easily find in case of an accident.

Even if you are a regular airplane traveler, you might not know those interesting facts above related to it. Of course, the plane that constructed by the Wright Brothers have changed a lot. Continuous advancements have been occurred in the field of aerospace technology. In fact, such progresses make it hard to keep with the different things related to airplanes.

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