18 to 22 Year Olds Discount on Flights via United Airlines

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United Airways’ new discounts are available to anyone who can provide proof of age. That could be an ID card, driver’s license, or student ID. The airline is offering a discount to encourage more young people to fly. In a statement, United Airway said: “We want to inspire the next generation of flyers and make air travel more accessible for all. We are excited to offer the 25% discount so people can explore more of our great country.”

The discount is available for bookings made via United Airlines’ website. However, it doesn’t apply to flights with regional carriers like United Express. So you’ll have to fly on a plane that has both United and Continental colors (like an Embraer 175 or E175, which are operated by ExpressJet Airlines Inc.) to get the discount.

The positive implication

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The positive implication is that United Airway is encouraging the new generation of air travelers. It wants younger people to get into the air, and this 25% discount may be one way to make it happen.

In addition, this type of deal will likely inspire those who can partake in it to save up money and buy the tickets. They may even use this discount as a stepping stone to book future flights with United Airlines or other carriers without waiting for discounts to be offered.

The negative implication

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There is a potential downside to United Airlines’ new discounts, and that’s the fact that it could be a way of saying, “we’re not doing well, so we’re going to offer cheaper fares to try and bring in some more passengers.”

It’s also possible that some people may see this as a way for United Airlines to bury its financial troubles. And, unfortunately, it comes at a time when airlines are making headlines for all the wrong reasons (e.g., high airfares, baggage fees, uncomfortable seats, etc.)

Another thing is that it might be more difficult for older people to find affordable flights. Airlines are always looking for new ways to make money, and discounts for young people may come at the expense of those who are a bit older.

The future implication

With air travel becoming cheaper and easier, mostly, people from cultures that traditionally associated flying with wealth and luxury will begin to change their perceptions. After all, if it’s accessible to more people, and it’s not as expensive as initially thought, then why wouldn’t more people fly? It could potentially lead to a whole new era of air travel, where the sky’s the limit!


Traveling is a great way to experience new things and learn about other cultures, so, incredibly, United Airlines is making it more affordable for young people. With the discount, you could visit friends or family in another city, explore a new part of the country, or take a vacation somewhere tropical.

The promotion is available for travel through the end of the year and applies to both international and domestic flights. So whether you’re looking to explore a new corner of the world or visit family and friends back home, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of this deal!

So grab the opportunity while it lasts, and book a flight on United Airlines today!

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