Biggest Plane In The World – Emirates Aries

A large air plane flying in a clear blue sky

If you are wondering what is the biggest plane in the world then read on. This article will give a rundown on the three largest aircraft in the world. You might be wondering what is the biggest airplane. Well, there are a lot of aircraft types, but for this article I am just going to name three. The first one is the FedEx Airplane, which is also known as the FedEx Diamond.

Air Canada Airlines

A large passenger jet flying through a blue sky

Next are Air France and Air Canada Airlines. These two airlines are the first ones that made commercial flights. The third and the final is the Emirates Airlines. They have been in operation for many years and they are considered as one of the most reliable airlines around the world. All of these aircraft fly from their main facilities in airports in Dubai and London. In fact all the major airlines have bases here.

Now, let us have a look on what the first and the second biggest airlines are. They are: BAFC and WLL. Their planes have the capacity to carry up to 200 passengers. This jet has the capacity to carry twice the number of people that board Concorde during a flight.

Waffle Airline

A large passenger jet flying over a body of water

Now let us take a look on what the third biggest airline is and it is the airline of Waffle. They are based out of Fargo North Dakota and they also serve London. This is a very small company that was started back in 1960 and it was the first airline to fly passengers using a glider. They have not been able to challenge the giants of the airlines that exist today.

There is another giant in the world of air transport and it is the airbus a340-300. This is the only twin engine heavy traffic plane in the world that can carry a capacity above 50 people. There is no other twin engine medium or big aircraft in existence that can match this capacity. It is used for carrying medium sized bodies of water and people.


Now, if we take a look at the three biggest planes, they are all made by one company. This company is: An-225. They are based out of France and the only two planes of this type are the maiden flights of their An-alsa and a Concord. All the other planes are an-acron aircraft.

The next plane is the Boeing B 747. They are based out of Dubai and they have a fleet of seven aircraft. Of these seven only one has been delivered so far and this is the An-alsa. The rest of the seven aircraft that are in this fleet have been delivered and are now undergoing testing. The chief executive of Boeing is quoted as saying that the delivery of the first B 747 was on time as per their schedules. If this statement is true then it will be interesting to see how well things run with the An-alsa once this aircraft gets into production.

Bottom Line 

There is another plane that comes to mind immediately when talking about the biggest plane in the world. That plane is the Emirates Aries. This plane carries just over 500 guests when fully loaded. While most of the passengers that will be on board will be going for a cruise vacation this is more for business travelers. It could very well be that these planes soon find their way into the passenger ranks of many major airlines. With prices as they are it may not be long before passengers from around the world are being bumped up to an Aries and having the same kind of comfortable travel experience that is afforded to the Chinese, Indians and expats.

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