Different Types Of Aircraft We Know Nothing About

Different Types Of Aircraft That We May Not Know

Aircraft is one of the best inventions in the world. The flying mode of transportation is the most convenient one to touch the other side of the globe. Moreover, an aircraft has different classifications based on their functionality. Before getting on to different types of aircraft, it is better to understand their classification.

Prime Classification Of Aircraft

The aircraft is classified depending on the functioning capacity. Also, the usage of machinery plays a part in such classification. These types are the basic necessity for us to understand the types of aircraft.

Different Types Of Aircraft That We May Not Know
Different Types Of Aircraft That We May Not Know


This is the one we travel to, this aircraft is driven by an engine and has fixed wings to it.

Powered Parachute

This category is mainly used in the defense and paramilitary. It has an engine that drives it, but the wings are flexible. More importantly, the wings get into functioning only when the parachute is in motion.

Rotor craft

These are the choppers. It can be a gyro plane too.

Lighter than Air: This uses buoyancy to float. In simpler terms, the ships float in water; these aerostats float in the air. The scientific phenomenon for both is more or less similar.

While these being the categories, the aircraft types are also categorized based on the functionality. Many types of aircraft exist with different propulsion methods too. Let us see some of these broadly.

Un-powered Aircraft

This does not imply that the aircraft is not powered to fly, it means to say that these types do not require propulsion once flying as the airplanes do. It flies in certain height and lands. A prime example of this type is a Glider. They are indeed heavier than the standard aircraft. Their function is slightly different from them, mainly in terms of take-off and landing. A few examples of gliders are given below:

  1. Hang gliders
  2. Paragliders
  3. Sailplanes

Powered Aircraft

There are types of aircraft which require propulsion once it starts flying. They mainly use separate engines for the same. They are lightweight and have powerful wing technology that ensures the aircraft to fly and move faster. The fuel used in the aircraft normally is stored in the wings. At the same time, back up fuel is also stored in separate locations that are accessible.

Propeller Aircraft

This requires more than one propeller to push the aircraft front. There are different types of this too. One type has the propeller fixed in the front and the other at the back of the aircraft.

Jet Aircraft

Different Types Of Aircraft That We May Not Know
Different Types Of Aircraft That We May Not Know

This has a wonderful fuel burning technology in place, and it sucks in air, combines it with fuel, and burns the same. It creates maximum acceleration. The exhaust performs as the thruster. There are several engines available for this type of aircraft. The types are classified concerning the configurations. The configurations are:

  1. Turbojet
  2. Turbofan

Apart from these types of aircraft, there are a few other power aircrafts that are in space technology as well as fighter planes too.

  1. Rocket-Powered aircraft were in the second world war. It had the power to turn at a great speed.
  2. Ornithopter is one type of aircraft that is useful to capture animals. It functions as a bird and flaps its wings to fly high.

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