Nike Dunk Sleeve Customizes to All-Time High Quality

air force 1 custom

The Nike Air Force 1 Custom became an immediate icon after its release in 1982. Since then, you could have this timeless classic for your very own simply by adding a color palette inspired by the late ’80s and the grunge decade and high-quality materials such as smooth and shimmer leather and new, attractive suede-suede-leather outerwear. It is time to make a statement. Choose Your Leather wisely; this shoe will tell the world a story about you.

Nike Air Force 1 Custom

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Nike created the Nike Air Force 1 Custom as a limited edition. That meant it would be one of a kind. In addition to the Nike logos on the heel and the sides, it was painted all-white with subtle gradient paint effects and then a multi-colored stripe running down the side. This was the first of many colorways for this shoe.

Today, the Nike Air Force 1 Custom is still one of the most popular limited edition releases. With a large base of followers and its massive fan base, it is no surprise that Nike has kept this design so busy. However, due to the overwhelming success of its current colorways (especially the tiger print and the orange and black “Chunks” for the men), Nike has decided to release an all-time version that uses the same basic design but with three completely different colorways. This is called the Nike Air Force 1 Classic, Nike Air Force 1 Supra and Nike Air Force 1 NT.

Limited Production

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Each of these three colorways is designed by a different Nike artist, and like the Nike Air Force 1 Custom, they are all limited to a production of only 1000 pairs. All three are made using the same Instagram art design template, which was created by Tom Outram. It also has a very similar Instagram background and concept. All twelve color schemes were created by the same Instagram designer. Because of his huge fame, he will always have a place in the industry and will be remembered as one of the Instagram’s greatest designers.

Color Schemes

These three Nike Air Force 1 color schemes are great for Instagram because they are unique and fresh. They are also great customs like the ones Nike released years ago with the Air Force 1 Retrogrades. The main differences between them are the graphics and the colors. They are all made using the same Instagram layout template and were released a while back. Unlike those, though, they all use the great customs like the “Chunk”, “White Nights” and the “Lil’ Pack”.

Last Words

Based upon the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and apparel, the “Chunk” and “Lil’ Pack” will be great additions to any Nike store, or even placed on your own Nike shoe rack. If you want to get a custom Nike dunk, then you should take advantage of these colors and have an artist make a custom order for you so that you can have the same flair as the old school Nike’s. I am pretty sure that all of your favorite players have their own Nike shirts, but if they don’t have any, then why not get a great looking one made just for you? This way, your team can always be seen by all the sports fans around the world!

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