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airplane crash history

Do you know the airplane crash history? If not, well, here it is. We will go through all the major events that happened in aviation since the airplane was first used. Airplanes were used as early as the Second World War to transport troops and materials. Then they became a favorite transportation mode after the war.

Problems With Old Aircraft

A plane sitting on top of a snow covered slope

After several decades of being in the skies, airplanes started to lose their appeal to the general public. Nobody wanted to fly them anymore. Some even blamed them for the increased air traffic and the higher air bills. When the airways grew to accommodate more flights, the pressure to build bigger airports made these demands an urgent necessity. The solution to this problem was to build bigger airfields with more runway space.

The pressures of increasing air traffic resulted in more accidents. Airplane crashes became more common and they even started to carry the stigma of causing mass death and destruction. They were considered a risk to the whole aviation history. To add to this, many people also attributed airplane crashes to the growing number of fliers, and the fact that the airlines had no other choice but to charge more for their tickets.

Famous People

A large passenger jet flying through a cloudy blue sky

There were also more famous people in the skies. Flight attendants, pilots, stewardesses, and passengers were replaced by pilots, co-pilots, and engineers. As these famous people continued to crash, the public lost interest in flying. This trend was later exacerbated by the fact that some of these famous people crashed more than once.

After several years of steady decline in airplane crashes, the objectivity started to change. Airlines started to be more apologetic about the accidents, and a few weeks after each airplane crash, there were new accounts of them in the news. Soon enough, the world realized that the tendency towards frequent flyer accidents was indeed a serious problem.

Various Organizations

In response, various organizations were formed to keep an eye on the airplane crash history of the country. These organizations were formed in the hopes of discovering the causes of these accidents. As these organizations began to gain momentum, people also began to take notice of the organization’s work. Many people even flew over to give assistance to these organizations or helped with their mission.

After several years, the airplane crash history of the world has finally been recorded into a book. This book is now known as “Aviation Safety”. This book contains information about the airplane crash history of each country. This includes information about the aircraft that was involved in the incident as well as the names of the pilot and passengers who were killed or injured during the incident. The book also includes information on the measures each country takes to prevent airplane crashes.

Final Words

As mentioned above, “Aviation Safety” will provide you with invaluable information regarding an airplane crash history. It includes the crew names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information in order to help you start your own private investigation. This is a good book to begin with if you are interested in learning more about an airplane crash history.

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