The History Of Airplane In Warfare

A plane flying in the air

Lets know how we got the idea to use airplanes in warfare. Ancient history reveals the idea of airplanes to use in warfare,  as various cultures have myths of flying gods such as Zeus who could throw thunderbolts from on height at humans on earth . Also there were stories of humans finding ways to fly in ancient books. By taking logical combinations from those stories by imagining humans flying and making military use of their ability to fly, here we came up with the idea of making use of airplanes in warfare. Imagination preceded the need for developed technology in warfare. Some Warfare Where Airplanes Were Used

Kite Warfare

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The history of Airplanes in warfare started in ancient times, with the use of kites in China in warfare.

Balloon Warfare

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From the third century, it progressed to balloon warfare, then from 1911 Airplanes were started to be put to use for warfare. Initially, they used airplanes for reconnaissance and then for aerial combat to shoot down the recon planes.

Interwar Period

During the time of 1918 and 1939, aircraft technology developed very fast. At that time, maximum airplanes were biplanes with wooden frames, canvas skins, wire rigging and air-cooled engines. Biplanes became the mainstay of air forces around the world and were used in conflicts such as the Spanish civil war. Separate from the army and navy, most industrial countries created their own air forces. Later from 1939 biplanes were started being replaced with metal framed monoplanes with strong skins having liquid-cooled engines.

World War 2

In world war 2, the airplanes that were started using for strategic bombing emerged during this warfare. During world war 2, Germany developed many missiles and precision-guided munition systems, becoming the first warfare having cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, surface to air missiles, and anti-ship missiles.

Cold War

During the cold war, Ballistic missiles became the main key used in airplanes; they were armed with nuclear warheads and stockpiled by the superpowers. The United States and the Soviet Union scare off each other by using them.

Post Cold War

Multi-role airplanes were developed after the fall of the Soviet Union during the Cold war. Then several military bases overseas and the U.S served to highlight the effectiveness of airplanes carriers in the absence of a dedicated military army. After that, powered airplanes were used basically as extensions of the eyes of the ground commander, also they used them to carry weapons and travel long distances in a short time.


Airplanes were used to improve warfare. They were very helpful in many ways as they had the ability to fly over enemy lines and could easily discover where the enemy was built and what they were doing.

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